VIKING Multi Purpose Microfiber Mesh Applicator Sponges for Car Detailing – Pack Grey Blue Shine Tire Pads

Explore the superior efficiency of VIKING Multi Purpose Microfiber Mesh Applicator Sponges, perfect for car detailing. Crafted for excellence, these grey and blue pads bring an exceptional shine to your tyres. This pack offers a versatile solution for your vehicle’s aesthetic upkeep.
Experience the unmatched utility of VIKING Multi Purpose Microfiber Mesh Applicator Sponges. These grey and blue pads are not only durable but also ideal for delivering an unbeatable shine to your vehicle’s tyres. Expertly designed, these sponges are soft, ensuring a scratch-free application, but robust enough to tackle dirt and grime efficiently. They offer a versatile approach to car detailing, capable of catering to a wide range of surfaces and finishes.

The multi-purpose nature of these applicators makes them suitable for various detailing tasks – from applying wax and polish to cleaning and conditioning. With its microfiber mesh design, it ensures excellent product absorption and even distribution, leading to superior results every time.

Dedicated to the careful maintenance of your vehicle, VIKING has packaged these quality sponges in an accessible pack. It’s a cost-effective solution that guarantees consistency and longevity, setting the standard for car detailing accessories.

Q: Are these VIKING Multi Purpose Applicator Sponges suitable for all types of vehicle finishes?
A: Absolutely! They’re versatile and safe to use on various surfaces and finishes.

Q: Can I use these sponges to apply wax and polish?
A: Yes, indeed. Their microfiber mesh design ensures excellent product absorption and even distribution.

Q: How durable are these sponges?
A: The sponges are designed to be robust, able to handle various detailing tasks efficiently while ensuring a scratch-free application.

Q: Does the pack offer value for money?
A: Absolutely! The pack offers a cost-effective solution, providing consistent and long-lasting car detailing accessories.


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