TR Industries RV Wash and Wax

Which is the best wash and wax product for RV?

As a result, you can expect that you’ll use this product in a multitude of ways. Plus, this RV wash and wax is a one-step product, which means the using process isn’t anything overly complicated. This quality is even confirmed in numerous Gel-Gloss RV wash and wash reviews that mention how easy this cleaning product is to use.

What kind of wax does tr industries use?

Brass, chrome, stainless steel, wood, glass, leather, man-made or natural stone surfaces can all be maintained with the Gel-Gloss product line. Turn to the TR Industries surface care product line for your cleaning needs.

How does gel gloss RV wash and wax work?

"Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax did an amazing job cleaning my RV. I have not washed my RV in over a year and it was covered in road grime and bugs. I was able to almost effortlessly clean the RV with the wash and wax and an extendable soft brush.

How to clean and detailing an RV trailer?

RV Cleaning and Detailing. 1 STEP 1 – WASH AND DRY. Shampoo Wheel and Tire Cleaner Awning Cleaner Window Cleaner RV Roof Cleaner Engine Cleaner Wash Brushes and Mits Tire … 2 STEP 2 – CORRECT. 3 STEP 3 – WAX AND SHINE. 4 STEP 4 – INTERIOR. 5 OTHER CLEANERS.


Looking for a fresh wax to get a taste for all the great options out there? Gel-Gloss’ RV Wash and Wax is the only product you need. Made from bar soap, this product is phosphate free as well as biodegradable, making for the most sustainable wax on the planet. Although it’s not odorless, bemused customers state that it funnily enough smells like Twizzlers… we’ll leave deciding whether that’s a good or bad thing up to you!

With no real scrubbing required, the fantastic carnauba wax forms a protective shield around your RV that protects it from dust and grime. Even better, no streaking or water spotting will occur after dozing your vehicle in this life-saving liquid. So, if you’re looking for a complete change of pace, Gel-Gloss’ wax is the product to opt for. You’ll only wish you had tried it sooner!


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