Sunhiker Small Water-resistant Cycling Backpack

How big is the sunhiker small cycling backpack?

The Sunhiker Small Cycling Hiking Backpack is designed to be used on the move. It has a length of 9.4” (24 cm), a breadth of 5.9” (15 cm), and a height of 15.8” (40 cm). Given its generous dimensions, it comes as a surprise that it weighs only a meager 0.72 lbs. (330 grams).

Which is the best water resistant hiking backpack?

It is one of the tried and tested backpacks with excellent feedback from customers. This is a submersible, airtight, and water-resistant unit designed for the outdoors and everything that comes with the experience. It is ergonomic in construction and comes with dual shoulder strap for double comfort during your hike.

Can a cycling backpack be used for hiking?

A cycling backpack can also usually be pressed in to double duty as a backpack for hiking or city use.

Which is the best hydration pack for cycling?

Employing a packable helmet cover design, the WACOOL Waterproof Hydration Bladder Pack is made of quality nylon materials that are well-ventilated, heatproof, and water resistant. This quality backpack is constructed with high-density nylon elastic mesh that is washable and durable.


Our next pick is this versatile and tough daypack from Sunhiker that can take you from commute to trail without breaking into a sweat.

Although it looks small, it has a decent capacity for day bike trips, offering up to 25 liters of space for your stuff. And while there is no inner hydration bladder, you do get two decent sized water bottle pockets that are easy to reach, even when you are pedaling. It is designed to last, made from tear, scratch and water-resistant nylon. It also comes with breathable mesh shoulder straps that are a decent width and plenty of external pockets and compartments. And in the design, Sunhiker have got the balance and weight distribution pretty spot on.


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