STKUSA Adjustable Gun Torque Screwdriver

What is the best torque screwdriver for a manual screwdriver?

CDI Torque Products 401SM Micro Adjustable Torque Sc … Capri Tools Digital Torque Screwdriver, Dual Directi … Tohnichi Adjustable Torque Screwdriver RTD30CN 4~30 … CDI Torque Products 151SM Micro Adjustable Torque Sc … Wera 074802 ESD Safe Adjustable Torque Screwdriver 0 … Wera 7443 Adjustable Pistol Grip Torque Screwdriver …

What do static control torque screwdrivers do?

Static-Control Torque Screwdrivers Also known as ESD-safe screwdrivers, the handle drains static away from your application, preventing buildup from electrostatic discharge (ESD) that can damage sensitive equipment. When set torque is reached, these drivers slip to disengage and prevent overtightening.

What is the torque control on a WIHA screwdriver?

#28589 Torque Control 59 Pc. Set – 1 to 50 In/lbs. #28595 Adjustable Torque Control 53 Pc. Bit Set – 10-50 Inch Pounds

Can you use a regular screwdriver on a gun?

Do not use a regular sized torque wrench on your gun! Most torque screwdrivers (or mini wrenches) suitable for gunsmithing will have an adjustment range from 10 inch/pounds on the low end up to about 65 inch/pounds on the high end. There are other types of torque wrenches made in this adjustment range and many of them are good quality.


Many users including those who love working on little projects within their home and professional handymen choose the Adjustable Gun Torque Screwdriver over any other torque such as the Wheeler. Considering its price and the quality delivered, this is a tool that exceeds expectations with every use. It features multiple tips that help you torque down all parts on your pistol or rifle, with an added hard moulded case for protection and safe storage. Join the family of great products that work by getting an adjustable gun torque for yourself or a friend. This screwdriver features a long shank and includes a flat head, Phillips and hex bits to cater for all job types the require diverse kinds of fasteners.

A torque can be adjusted with ease to 10-50 inches, with the use of a torque window that can indicate any desired torque measurement for accuracy and precision. Included in each purchase is a quarter inch hex shank bit adapter since this torque screwdriver can fit any quarter inch drive socket type. The grip handle of this torque screwdriver set is designed ergonomically to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit, ultimately preventing hand fatigue after long periods of use. The handle also allows continuous use without the need to reset.


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