Simple Houseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

What’s the best way to clean with microfiber cloth?

To make cleaning with microfiber cloth even easier (and a little bit more enjoyable), you can grab a pair of gloves made of the super soft material. These cleaning gloves are perfect for dusting things like TV and computer screens, blinds, photo frames, or other small surfaces.

What kind of cloths can you use to clean hard surfaces?

Microfiber cleaning cloths are multi-purpose microfiber towels that are soft, washable, reusable, and can effectively clean any hard surfaces in your home or vehicle. They can be used wet or dry, with or without cleaning solution. By using only water and reusable microfiber cloths to clean,…

What kind of towels are made of microfiber?

These towels are made of a 50/50 polyester and microfiber blend for deep cleaning capabilities. The durable material is designed to keep working even after 500 washes, and since each set comes with 12 cloths, you won’t need to replace them anytime soon.

What kind of microfiber to use for glass polishing?

For glass polishing, these microfiber cloths are top notch. The eight-piece set comes with two different types of microfiber cloths designed to work together to provide the best clean and streak-free shine on windows, mirrors, and stainless steel.


Rounding up our list of the best microfiber towels is this 50-pack set from Simple Houseware. It is especially designed for the budget-conscious homeowner and vehicle enthusiast. Having said that, its GSM 250 rating may not be as thick as the rest of the products in this list, but it sure has good absorbent properties for everyday use.

There are 4 colors in the pack of 50, giving you the versatility of assigning a color for each cleaning activity. If you’re not really interested in very expensive cleaning cloths and would like to have a piece of the best microfiber cloth for every single device, item, or gadget in your home, then this 50 pack from Simple Houseware is perfect.


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