Shade Pro RV Vinyl Awning

Where can I buy shade for my RV?

If it is time to replace your RV awning fabric, ShadePro stocks all sizes of RV shades and can even make any dimensions to order. Find the best deals on a wide selection of RV awning shade kits and signature accessories.

What kind of fabric do I need for an awning for my RV?

Shop our large inventory of the highest quality fabrics made to fit Carefree, Dometic, Lippert, Faulkner, Carter or any other RV or camper awning. If you don’t see a color or pattern you want, we can custom make an RV or camper awning fabric replacement for you!

Which is the best shade for an awning?

This Shade Pro product is a Slate Blue Fade measuring 16 feet or approximately 15’2″. It is a top rated product that you can rely on if you want a durable awning replacement fabric.

What to do if your RV awning is torn?

If the awning fabric on your RV is torn or damaged beyond repair, then this awning replacement fabric from Shade Pro is what you need. This replacement fabric is as the name implies: it replaces your RV’s torn or worn out awning fabric, thereby giving you the much-needed protection from external elements.


With an ability to fit most major brands of RV awnings, this awning replacement fabric does an incredible job of giving your campervan a new lease on life. Whether your fabric is older and is exhibiting wear and tear, or you’re simply looking for additional pop of color. This is a high-quality replacement for your RV awning that gives you a cost-effective solution to older, simpler fabric.

Coming with a three-year warranty, this option uses welded Weatherguard to protect against the elements and makes your awning suitable for use in all climates. Customers also note that this is a very easy to install option, with many having their new awning fabric up and running within the hour.


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