Pro-Lift Foldable Garage Floor Mat

What kind of floor mats do I need for my garage?

Floor mats and containment mats are another great option for your garage flooring needs. Mats for your garage are available in various patterns and incredibly easy to install and can be used instantly.

Where are G-floor garage floor mats made?

It is also essential to consider where the garage mats are manufactured. We typically suggest the G-Floor product as it is proudly Made in the USA. G-Floor mats are made in Emporia, KS.

How does polyaspartic floor protection work in a garage?

This high-performance coating is comprised of professional-grade materials that are applied by trained pros using special equipment to deliver long-lasting flooring protection. Unlike most cheaper garage floor protection products that provide a less effective topical surface bond, polyaspartic coatings penetrate deeper into the concrete.

How do you install flooring in a garage?

To install them all you do is sweep the garage floor paint, unroll the flooring and butt the edges together or overlap them and then trim the mats to fit with a utility knife. The mats are durable, but like most coverings, they can be permanently stained by hot tires and chemicals.


Do you need a mat that can be moved without any hassle? Pro-Lift’s Foldable EVA Mat is the one for you. This vinyl model’s ability to collapse 6-fold is exactly why buyers find it irresistible – allowing the possibility to work outside on summer days. And the built-in handle just makes moving this mat even easier to move.  

Pro-Lift’s product is manufactured from highly durable EVA foam with a thick cushioning for added comfort. Buyers love it and use this model in all sorts of ingenious ways: as a portable gardening seat and even as a sunbathing mat! Available at a steal, it’s a must-have product to protect your poor knees when working on a vehicle.


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