ODI Ruffian Bonus Pack Mountain Bike Grips


Biking is an activity that is extremely versatile. With the different kinds of terrain around, bikers get to create several experiences for themselves at every point in time. The process of biking is energy consuming, and as such, the entire duration of your trip must be extremely comfortable for the biker. Some features help make your trip more comfortable, but the most vital and critical of them all is the kind of grip a biker employs. Low standard grips tend to wear down with regular use, leaving your hands to suffer the pain associated with biking without a grip.

 Now is the time for you to bike with a grip that feels like a grip and not like your handlebar. Selecting such a model might prove to be tricky with the many kinds of holds on the market today. Our team, however, has found out the only mountain bike grip your bike will need. It is the one and the single model from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, the ODI Ruffian Bonus Pack. These grips are designed for use even in extremely wet conditions. They feature silver lock-jaw clamps and new snap cap end plugs, included to enhance its longevity and durability. The surface of this bicycle grips is narrow with a diamondized design for excellent grip. It offers all biker a completely slip-free performance thanks to its Lock-On Design.


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