NOMATIC Anti-Theft Bike Backpack

Why did NOMATIC make the NOMATIC travel pack?

After making a wildly successful travel bag, NOMATIC created a smaller version based on the customer feedback they got. Rather than simply making one backpack, they decided to create two: The NOMATIC Travel Pack and the NOMATIC Backpack.

Are there any backpacks that are anti theft?

Our range of backpacks is designed for both men and women. The Metrosafe X is an epic, anti-theft men’s backpack made from recycled PET. It’s extremely comfortable to carry and fits everything you need for a day in the city, including your laptop. Furthermore, it is carry-on compliant, making it the perfect backpack for travel.

Is the NOMATIC travel pack made of tarpaulin?

There’s no need to worry about protecting your items from the elements. The NOMATIC Travel Pack is made from Kodra Tarpaulin, meaning it’s a water resistant and we’ve added waterproof kiss-lock zippers, meaning there’s no water of thieves that can get into your bag.

Where are the electronic devices in the NOMATIC backpack?

Because the electronic device compartment is at the back of each nomatic product (closest to your back), this also means that other items packed in front provide some level of padding protection, although we’d still recommend keeping your electronic devices in their own protective cases.


With security and safety often a concern, Nomatic has come up with an awesome bike backpack that thinks it is Fort Knox. Our premium pick is at the top end of our best cycling backpack budget, but you get a whole lot of security for your dollar. It does have the look of a small carry-on and will expand from 20L to 34L when you need it too, but it also fits neatly on your back thanks to its innovative strap system.

To keep your laptop and personal belongings safe as you ride you get lockable external zippers as well as a hidden RDIF blocking pocket on the back of the bag for your cards and smartphone. Add reflective ink and you will also be safe and visible at night. Made from water-resistant 500D tarpaulin fabric, you also get two water bottle pockets and plenty of extra pocket space for your smaller items. And at less than four pounds in weight, this is a super backpack for your cycling commute.


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