ModFamily Kids E-Z Travel Lap Desk Tray

What to use to make a travel tray for kids?

Chalkboard Kids Travel Tray Spray paint your cookie sheets with Krylon Chalk Board paint . Let it try completely. Just as I did with the crayon holder, I glued magnets on the back of a small case to hold some chalk. I brought some soft rags to wipe them clean.

Which is the best lap tray for kids?

Our Bamboo tray is a large tray and a Small wooden folding table. . . . . . . . . . teebee – Kids Travel Toy Box | Boys & Girls Snack + Activity Tray Table for Car Seat, Plane & Stroller – Storage Suitcase for Baby Tools – Play w.

Is there an easy DIY desk for kids?

This easy DIY children’s desk with hidden storage is the perfect answer! It has hidden storage inside which is easily accessible and supported by special hinges that make it safe for little fingers. This fun easy DIY student desk stores everything inside the table to keep the top uncluttered and usable.

How to order a Hobby Lobby lap tray?

Contains 1 assorted lap tray. Due to the nature of this item, the color you receive will vary. If you would like to specify a color, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-888-0321 and press 1 to place your order with a representative. Item not available in Hobby Lobby Stores.


The Kids E-Z Travel Desk Tray by ModFamily offers a large flat surface to hold your kids’ activities, snacks, and coloring supplies. The plastic tray insert creates a solid surface, while the foam insert makes the tray more comfortable. The tray is easy to clean, and the material parts can be machine washed if needed. The tray can be folded and turned into either a backpack or messenger bag for easy transportation. It contains zipper protected and expandable pockets to keep all your child’s activities and snacks safe and secure.


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