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Do you have to wear a rain suit on a motorcycle?

Touring and adventure touring riders will often make their stand against the elements with waterproof riding suits, which we’ve covered here. For the rest of us, a rain suit over our regular riding gear gets carried along when the weather looks like it could turn wet.

What makes the best rain gear for motorcycle?

The best motorcycle rain suit can help you prevent this discomfort and let you ride comfortably while feeling dry and warm. What makes the best motorcycle rain gear? You ask! Well, there are plenty of aspects to look for in order to be convinced that indeed the apparel is the best.

How does a rain jacket work on a motorcycle?

First, it is waterproof with fully taped seams, and the jacket’s breathability means that the interior doesn’t get too stuffy on a long, rainy ride. There are dual chest pockets for carrying little essentials. Plus, the integrated rain hood can be stowed in a collar pocket. The set-and-forget waist strap keeps any flapping to a minimum at speed.

What kind of clothes do you wear on a motorcycle?

Directly to your inbox. We offer men’s boots, women’s boots, leather jackets for men, leather jackets for women, leather vests, a wide array of motorcycle saddle bags and leather tool bags. As important as your helmet is to your head or your boots are to your feet, your hands also need protection and our leather gloves do just that.


Another option for women and Frogg Toggs’ second entry on our list is this women’s all-purpose rain suit. This option is all about comfort and features comfort elastic bands, an extended length, and shock-cord adjustments. These are easy-to-use motorcycle raincoats and pants that you can slip on, adjust, and go. No fussing and no need to break your piggy bank because this outfit provides plenty of value for your money.

This is an extremely lightweight option that comes in at around 16 ounces, give or take a little depending on how it’s been packaged. You might think that this means the fabric is flimsy or struggles under wet weather, but the suit is shockingly rugged.

There have been complaints that this outfit is a little noisy, although this can change over time and the material breaks in. Of course, if you’re out on the road, you might not be too bothered by the noise once you have your helmet on!


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