McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner

What can you do with a McCulloch steam canister?

The McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System is a multi-purpose steam cleaner, great for cleaning and mopping. Using ordinary water heated to over 200 degree Fehrenheit, the MC1385 effectively and naturally cleans and sanitizes a wide variety of surfaces.

Is the McCulloch mc1375 steam cleaner safe to use?

This versatile canister steam cleaner will bring a heavy duty cleaning approach to your home, both inside and out, in a portable, safe and durable manner that’s hard to beat. With the MC1375 by your side, you can feel the incredible cleaning power of a steam cleaner without breaking the bank, or your back.

Is the McCulloch mc1385 mop head heavy?

The MC1385 isn’t exactly a small, compact machine. If anything, it’s on the bulky side so you will need a space to store it. Also, it can be heavy to lug around, especially if you have stairs in the house. There’s an issue with a mop head where it will “break” after extended use.

What kind of power tools does McCulloch make?

McCulloch is a company that specializes in power tools. Aside from chainsaws, which they’ve manufactured since the 1940s, they also sell lawn mowers, leaf blowers, grass trimmers, brush cutters, and steam cleaners.


This is one of products on our list that comes in at less than 100 bucks (though this model is only under by few dollars). That makes it less than half the price of some others on this list, so just what are you losing by going for a budget option?

Certainly not speed, or control. In terms of the former, a full tank of water is heated up and ready to go in about 5 minutes, making this one of the faster steam cleaners on the list – though it should be noted it also has one of the smaller tanks for a heavy duty style model.

Control is also nice and easy, with a handy button control mounted right on the handle. You are missing on endurance, with this smaller tank delivering steam for less total time than the larger, more premium models. The accompanying accessory pack is also a little light on variety compared to the higher quality models. Still, it will deliver a lot of good, deep cleaning steam whilst making a smaller dent on your credit card than many others.


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