LIBERRWAY Header Exhaust Tape

Can You Wrap exhaust headers with heat tape?

The header wrap will smoke up really good at first – so make sure you do it in a well vented area! I mounted the pipes back on the bike and ran the engine while the bike was on the jack to cure it with the heat from the pipes. Most of the smoke is gone in 30 minutes, but I am still getting a whif every now and then days later.

What kind of exhaust tape is on eBay?

SWI Parts 2" x15ft Roll Black Racing Fiberglass Exhaust Header Pipe Wrap Tape… Top Seller, Product & Service! Fast & Easy Shipping!

How does header wrap work on a car?

Header Wrap reduces under-hood temperatures up to 70%, increases horsepower and fuel efficiency. The wrap works by holding heat within the header, which creates a better exhaust flow.

Where can I get information on exhaust wraps?

For more information regarding our exhaust wraps and header wraps, we invite you to contact us through our messenger feature where a member of our team can provide you with any assistance you may require. Close to View Results Created with Sketch.


Not many companies are so bold about the durability of their exhaust wraps that they feature a promotional video of it withstanding the effects of fire. LIBERRWAY impresses customers time and time again with its long-lasting exhaust wrap. Made from pliable, pulverized lava rock, your bike’s horsepower will undoubtedly be improved after draping your bike in this golden-black robe.

What’s more, the versatile durable wrap can be wrapped over exhaust headers, exhaust pipes, gas pipes – the automotive world’s your oyster with this product in tow! And the company isn’t stingy with what they include in the kit box. With a roll of two-inch by 50-foot exhaust wrap, 10 generous stainless-steel zip ties, and a pair of gloves, you won’t be making any convenience trips down to the hardware store anytime soon.


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