Laufenn TYRE G FIT EQ LK41

What kind of Tyre is laufenn fit EQ lk01?

Write a review Laufenn S Fit EQ LK01 is designed for drivers looking for enhanced performance in wet and dry conditions. The LK01 features an advanced asymmetric tread pattern that enables excellent performance for any road or driving condition.

What kind of tyres are used by laufenn?

Laufenn produces tyres for a wide range of vehicles that include sedans, SUVs, and more. the company categorises its tyre offerings into four separate product lines the S Fit ultra high performance, the G Fit standard performance, the X Fit truck tyres and the I Fit winter tyres.

When did the laufenn’s fit EQ come out?

The tires side walls are a little hard and you can feel it on curved corners at 100kmh, they are not as bad as other tires I have had. they have good grip in wet and dry. Purchased in October 2018 at JAX Tyres for $188.00.

What makes a laufenn G fit a good tire?

The Laufenn G FIT AS All-Season Radial Tire-225/60R16 98H is one that has caught the attention of a lot of car users due to its advanced features. There are a lot of things that make this Laufenn tire a great catch, but the major one resulting in a lot of positive attention is its traction capacity.


The Laufenn Tyre G FIT EQ tire is another product from Laufenn Tires, which is under Hankook’s Tire Line. This tire is a production that was created to suit the needs of a passenger car as well as minivans. The Laufenn Tyre G FIT EQ tire wasn’t just created for the everyday car owner to use and enjoy, it was built with engineering capabilities to serve the purpose of longevity. This is a resounding feature about the Laufenn Tyre G FIT EQ tire that has made it a generally sought-after car tire in today’s market. The purchase of this Laufenn tire leaves an unwavering feeling of satisfaction for all the car users because this tire is an attestation to the fact that quality and purpose can work hand in hand.

The reason the Laufenn Tyre G FIT EQ tire is booming in today’s market is that it was engineered to have a longer tread span, unlike other tires in the same classification. Based on several Laufenn reviews, it’s a clear indication that this tire has superseded the expectations of drivers using it. Its long tread life is simply an irrefutable feature certain to grab your attention when you purchase.


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