Iron Forge Cable Lighted Outdoor Extension Cord

Can a iron forge cord be used indoors?

Although it’s rated for heavy duty use, the Iron Forge is light enough to be used indoors without causing any fuss. The cord was portable, both coiled and uncoiled, and could easily be placed anywhere you need it.

Which is the best 12 gauge extension cord?

If the U.S. Wire & Cable isn’t available, get the Husky 50 FT Cold Weather Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord. After our top pick, it was the second-most-flexible 12-gauge cord we tried. The outlet on the end takes a firm grasp of any power cords you plug into it, reducing accidental disconnections.

How tall is a 3 foot extension cord?

4 product ratings – Cordinate, Mint/White, Designer 3 Extension, 2 Prong Power Strip, Extra Long … 50ft NM-B 10/3 w/ Ground 600V Romex Simbull Electrical Wire – New!!! Only 1 left! SlimLine 2235 Indoor Flat Plug Extension Cord, 3 Foot Cord, Right Angled Plug…

Which is the best ground outlet extension cord?

Watt’s Wire WW-12T015Y is an excellent multi-outlet ground extension cord that was designed for professional contractors but is just as suitable for hobbyists and small-time DIY enthusiasts. The heavy-duty cord incorporates SJTW thermoplastic, making it very well-equipped to handle any temperature from -40°F to 130°F.


If you are looking for a shorter extension cord that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this is a great option. It’s great for outdoor use as it’s water-resistant and can protect against abrasion and sunlight. The design is also slip-resistant.

The reinforced blades of the plug are specially designed to protect against bending and breaking. It is also backed by a lifetime replacement warranty, so you can get a new one if anything should ever go wrong.


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