HELITE Unisex Motorcycle Airbag Jacket (Vest)

What kind of jacket is Helite airbag vest?

Helite Leather Airbag Jacket This jacket is designed for street riders who want something that offers the same support and protection of an airbag vest, but looks exactly like a standard leather riding jacket. The 1.2 mm cow-hide leather is supple and has a classic style cut.

Can you wear a Helite vest on a motorcycle?

Helite jackets and vests have a removable back protector plate giving added protection to this area, as well as to the air channels inside the vest. These are not just for motorbike riders though. Helite also make vests and jackets designed for cyclists and equestrian riders.

Which is the fastest selling Helite air jacket?

The Touring Air Jacket has the revolutionary integrated ‘Turtle’ technology and retro-reflective panels for ultimate safety on the road. The Helite Turtle 2 is the fastest selling airbag product on the market. A perfect merge of safety, technology and style. The ideal ‘go-to’ vest for everyday motorcycle use.

Where does the Helite airbag protect the body?

Helite airbag jackets and vests offer protection to the neck, and both the front and the back of the body by a shock-buffering airbag system. This gives protection right across the torso area during an accident.


The Unisex Adult Adventure Motorcycle Airbag vest from Helite provides a 2-in-1 solution for fans of riding motorcycles, scooters and ATVs. Comfort and safety were equally considered when this Helite airbag vest was designed. This is evident in the innovative turtle technology used in this model. This new technology uses the highest level of SAS-TEC armor to shield the back from harm. The job of this armor is to absorb the impact during an accident without transmitting this violent force to the body. Impact absorption means that the vest is capable of saving its wearer from serious injuries.

The Helite vest airbag feature deploys in 80 milliseconds, providing a rigid neck brace for this particularly sensitive area and offering firm support to different parts of the body such as the chest, ribs, kidneys, spine, and back. Comfort-wise, the combination of breathable mesh fabric, low cut underarm and adjustment straps contribute to a more comfortable riding experience.


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