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What do you need to know about Guardian bikes?

Guardian Bikes is a kids’ bike company that specializes in creating quality kids’ bikes equipped with their proprietary simplified braking system called SureStop. The SureStop system allows riders to stop faster and with more control as compared to traditional braking systems (both hand and foot brakes) found on kids’ bikes.

Who are the co-founders of Guardian bikes?

Inspired by a terrible head-over-handlebar accident to Brian’s grandfather, co-founders Brian and Kyle developed SureStop to prevent this common accident from happening to others. After 6 years in the industry and over 100,000 brakes sold, they noticed an even bigger issue – kids bike safety.

What kind of brakes does The Guardian bike use?

Guardian’s SureStop braking system is what really makes these bikes shine. Guardian’s system stops the bike using the power of two v-pull caliper brakes, like many high-end kids’ bikes. However, it simplifies the process for kids by allowing them to pull just ONE brake lever to activate both brakes.

What are the spokes on a Guardian 20 inch bike?

Built for riders ready to take on anything in front of them, the Guardian Airos 20 features a double-walled rim with 35 spokes. Most 20 inch bikes have 28 spokes per wheel. As a result, the Airos’s wheels are extremely durable compared to the average kid’s bike and much less likely to get out of true.


Last but not least is this lightweight aluminum bike by Guardian. Available in 16, 20, and 24-inch versions, it’s the perfect bike for kids of all ages when it comes to hitting the trails. Guardian bikes are on a mission to keep kids as safe as possible as they bike. With its patented SureStop brakes, security and reliability are at the heart of everything Guardian does. Its sturdy mountain bike is engineered for an easy ride with a low center of gravity that optimises balance for young riders. The bike is equipped with six speeds, introducing kids to gearing without overwhelming them with options.

It’s also lightweight enough for excellent control and manoeuvrability with a hand-welded frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum. All this adds up to a bike that can keep up with the demands of the trails. It’s easy to assemble, too – you can be put together in 10 minutes or less even if you don’t have any DIY experience. As well as being safe, the bike features a fun pattern – in fact, the pattern was picked out by kids!


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