Goplus Folding Electric Bicycle

What kind of electric bike does goplus make?

Goplus 350W Folding Electric Bike The Goplus folding e-bike is another popular product in the line of Goplus products. When you invest in this bike, you don’t have to worry about heavy traffic pressure as the bike is ideal for office workers, housewives, and kids alike.

Where can I buy an electric folding bike?

Bay lists new and used folding e-bikes in a wide range of prices to suit most budgets. Electric folding bikes combine the efficiency of a moped with the portability of a folding bike. Besides pedal power and speed, e-bikes have a few components to consider:

What’s the maximum speed of a goplus folding bike?

Its maximum speed is around 22 MPH, with the max loading of 350lbs. It’s important to mention that you have the option to use the pedals sometimes when you feel like you need the extra help. Also, the Goplus folding e-bike has a front V brake and a rear expansion brake that provide safety even in dense traffic.

Where can I store a goplus mountain bike?

The Goplus folding bike is ideal for someone who doesn’t have a large space to store the bike. You can easily store the folding bike under your desk or behind a cupboard. All Goplus e-bikes come with smart technology to facilitate the commute of the rider. The Goplus mountain bike is great for any outdoor enthusiast.


This next product, with its incredibly cool design, is the bike you need for those really adventurous journeys. The Addmotor Hithot Electric Bike features a high suspension front fork that allows you to travel up those steep hills and mountains with ease. Plus its rear coil shock ensures that even on your steep journeys, you and your bike are still stable and can maneuver rough and tough paths.


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