EVS Sports REVO ATV Chest Protector

Which is the best chest protector for an ATV?

Fox R3 Roost Deflector ATV Chest Protector 3. Webetop ATV Chest Protector for Dirtbike 4. HEROBIKER Full Body ATV Chest Protector 5. EVS Sports REVO ATV Chest Protector 6. Fox Racing Proframe ATV Chest Protector 7. HEROBIKER Armor ATV Chest Protector 8. Ediors Full Body ATV Chest Protector 9. OHMOTOR Full Body Armor ATV Chest Protector 10.

What does a roost guard on an ATV do?

Roost is the dirt and rocks kicked up by your ATV or by other riders. That is really all a roost guard will protect you from, along with branches and sticks hitting you when riding through wooded areas. It will not really protect you in the event of a crash though, and they weren’t designed to.

Can you put shoulder pads on an ATV?

Some of the jacket style body armor does have a chest protector, shoulder pads, and elbow pads all in one jacket, but because of the downsides, I wouldn’t go for it. There are jacket style body armor options that have superior protection versus an ATV chest protector.

Are there any chest protectors for dirt bikes?

Offering coverage for your chest, spine and shoulders, MX chest protectors also go a long way in a tangle with your bike’s bars (or another riders!) and some are even CE rated for impact protection in a crash. Certain roost protectors are even integrated with or set up to interface with neck protection to take your safety to the next level.


This roost guard is fully compatible with any neck protector that you may already have. It comes in two sizes and is available in black or white. It is also fully adjustable so it will comfortably fit all riders whatever their size.

It consists of two parts which are both made from molded biofoam which has been cross-linked so it acts as a shock-absorber. At the front, there is a molded polycarbonate plate which provides protection from impact, puncture and abrasion injuries. At the back, there is a plate that is segmented into three parts, with flex points for maximum comfort. It moves with your body whilst also offering protection.


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