ECCPP Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly

What are the benefits of formed hub wheel bearings?

The design enables lower total system cost, commonization opportunities, improved performance, reduced weight and lower warranty costs. Designed with nearly 75% fewer components, reducing assembly time and lowering costs for sourcing, inventory and assembly.

What is ABS on a wheel bearing hub?

The ABS on the wheel hub is a sensor wire that is abrasion-resistant and made from materials that protect the product against any harsh conditions. As a result, you receive ABS protection for many years to come. If you’re considering purchasing this wheel bearing hub assembly]

Which is wheel hub assembly meets OE requirements?

Wheel Hub Assembly by Spicer®. Spicer parts are designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet or exceed OE requirements because they are OE parts, ensuring a perfect fit with company full line of industry-leading axles. That’s why…

What kind of hub assembly does front wheel drive car use?

On cars made before 1997, front wheel drive cars use wheel hub assemblies at each wheel and rear wheel drive vehicles use two individual bearings and seals in both front wheels. Unlike a wheel hub assembly, bearings can be serviced.


All ECCPP Wheel bearing hubs are well designed and can be trusted to take good care of your vehicle. This wheel bearing system is one of the most sought after units largely because of its affordability and versatility. It works well with a wide range of vehicles, which makes it an excellent investment. The ECCPP wheel bearing system is designed by specialists to provide precise guidance while your hub rotates. It offers support to the whole body of your vehicle. It keeps the wheels attached to your car and allows all components to run smoothly without any issues.

If you want to enjoy your vehicle smoothly and safely, this hub bearing unit from ECCPP will be the perfect option for you. These assemblies are developed with high-quality materials that are known for their durability, premium performance, reliability, and precise matches. They also feature a quality seal unit that offers anti-pollution protection, keeping your hub bearing clean. Other benefits of this bearing system include quieter operation with fewer vibrations, protection from corrosion and rust and quality steering guidance.


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