Design Engineering Titanium Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

Which is the best exhaust heat wrap kit?

Design Engineering 010129 Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap 2. HM&FC Titanium Exhaust Wrap Roll 3. Design Engineering 010107 Exhaust Heat Wrap 4. Exhaust Wrap LIBERRWAY Header Wrap Exhaust Heat Wrap Tap Kit 5. Design Engineering 010110 Exhaust / Header Wrap Kit 6. LEDAUT Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap Roll 7.

How big is black titanium exhaust wrap kit?

Kit includes two 2” x 50ft rolls of Black Titanium exhaust wrap, Locking Ties and Free Locking Tie Tool. Comes in Retail Clamshell Packaging. The header wrap kit is enough for any set of V8 headers. The Header Wrap Kit will wrap from the top of the header where it bolts to the heads all the way down to the collector.

What kind of rock is motorcycle exhaust wrap made of?

It’s important to note that the wrap is made of crushed volcanic rock. It’s highly resistant to vibration breakdown, temperatures, oil spills, and abrasions. However, it may change color during the first few uses. As we mentioned, it can resist high temperatures very well.

What kind of material is duramake exhaust wrap?

Duramake is a US-based company focused on one goal: to provide high-quality automotive goods at affordable prices. And its Titanium Exhaust Wrap isn’t an exception to the rule. It’s constructed from crushed lava rock, which is interlaced into authentic basalt fiber and woven into a durable ribbon.


The exorbitant cost of Design Engineering’s wrap sends many prospective customers packing as soon as they lay eyes on its price. Yet the Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap an investment worth making. Able to withstand 1800 degrees of direct heat and 2500 degrees of intermittent heat, this indestructible wrap is also designed to encourage the increased flow of gases within and around the exhaust and reduce vibration breakdown.

This woven lava-rock composite doesn’t even have to be soaked in water before wrapping, thereby making the installation process effortless. Plus, your headers will look pretty damn fantastic afterwards when wrapped in a golden black coating!


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