Comparing Wiper Blades & Different Types of Squeegees: Which is Best?

In the realm of cleaning tools, squeegees and wiper blades hold significant importance. Whether it’s a professional window cleaner seeking the most effective tool or a homeowner trying to maintain a streak-free window, the choice of the tool can make a big difference. In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the differences and utilities of various tools such as the Long Handle Bulldozer Squeegee, Window Squeegee, 10-inch Rubber Slip Door Handle Squeegee, and typical wiper blades.

Wiper blades primarily serve the function of clearing off water from vehicle windscreens. They are pivotal for visibility, especially during heavy rainfall. Designed with precision, these blades sweep across the glass surface, removing water and ensuring clear vision.

On the other hand, squeegees, especially those designed for window cleaning, come with a myriad of features tailored for specific jobs. Here’s a quick rundown:

Long Handle Bulldozer Squeegee: Characterised by its extended handle, this tool assists in reaching high or difficult-to-reach areas. Often used in commercial spaces, its design ensures that every inch of the window gets the attention it deserves.

Window Squeegee: A standard tool for many, the window squeegee is versatile and ideal for both home and commercial spaces. With an ergonomic grip and precision rubber blade, it offers a streak-free finish every time.

10-inch Rubber Slip Door Handle Squeegee: This is a more specialised tool, specifically designed for doors. Its shorter handle and rubber grip ensure control and ease of use, making it perfect for glass door cleaning tasks.

Wiper Blade: While not precisely a squeegee, its functionality overlaps. As mentioned, its primary role is vehicular and it’s essential for safe driving.

Each tool, while having its unique features and design, is crafted for efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning and ensuring clarity.

Q: What is the primary function of a wiper blade compared to a squeegee?
A: A wiper blade is primarily used for clearing water from vehicle windscreens, ensuring visibility. In contrast, a squeegee is designed for cleaning surfaces, particularly windows, to provide a streak-free finish.

Q: Which squeegee is best for hard-to-reach windows?
A: The Long Handle Bulldozer Squeegee is best suited for high or difficult-to-reach areas because of its extended handle.

Q: Is the 10-inch Rubber Slip Door Handle Squeegee designed only for doors?
A: Yes, the 10-inch Rubber Slip Door Handle Squeegee is specially crafted for cleaning glass doors, although it can be used on other surfaces too, depending on the need.

Q: Do all squeegees ensure a streak-free finish?
A: While the design of most squeegees aims to provide a streak-free finish, the end result often depends on the technique and the solution used during cleaning.


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