Chemical Guys HOL-201 Black Paint Maintenance Kit

How do you use chemical guys blacklight paint?

The easiest and quickest way to get this product on your paint is by using a Dual Action Polisher with a soft finishing pad. Using this method you will be able to spread the product around the car with relative ease. I used it with chemical guys 6.5-inch black pad because I already had one laying around.

How does chemical guys black car care kit work?

The Black Finishing Hand Pad uses Hex-Logic grooves and ultra-soft foam to spread the perfect coat of glaze, sealant, or wax over any vehicle. Clicking on these links will bring up a modal containing a larger version of the image.

Who are the chemical guys, car detailing products?

Distributors, Resellers and Professionals wanted! We offer interesting discounts, secure online ordering, fast shipping, exceptional quality products and customer support & training.

Is the chemical guys Blacklight jet seal good?

As chemical guys blacklight is more of a glossy sealant than a dedicated protectant, I am not expecting heaps of longevity with this product. From what I hear, this stuff works well with chemical guys jet seal layered on top of it to lock in that glossy look with some extra protection.


Another premium product from Chemical Guys which, as expected, comes with a premium price tag – this is the second most expensive entry in this guide.

 You are again getting a full kit of items including a specially formulated wax, applicators and microfiber towels. Unlike other kits on this list however this is not an all in one kit – there is nothing in here to clean your car before application.

Instead you are investing in a kit that will give a premium finish to your black car. It is bringing both a deep and lustrous shine to your paintwork, and also long lasting protection. The product has built in UV protectors to fight fading, and also includes a powerful water repellant agent to prevent rain drying on the bodywork, leaving behind ugly watermarks. This is a truly premium product that is the closest you can get to pro body shop results at home.


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