Champion ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit

Where can I find champion power equipment videos?

Champion Power Equipment – YouTube Here you will find instructional "how-to" videos created by Champion Power Equipment to help you get the most out of your generator, winch, pressure washer, …

How much power does a champion ATV winch have?

Champion’s ATV/UTV Winch Kit has a 3000-lb. rated line pull, a gear reduction ratio of 171:1, plus a mounting channel and remote control to make your experience with this winch even easier. With a tough 1.3-horsepower (12-volt) DC motor, this winch provides efficient pulling power whenever and wherever you need it.

What do you need to build a champion trailer?

Champion’s 91” tandem axle utility trailer kit includes just about everything you need to get your trailer off the ground and rolling. And with our "build your own" trailer kits you can build your…

Where can I find Champion Auto Parts near me?

Also find Champion® products near you with our store locator. Loading… Explore our full collection of maintenance articles to help you Champion your vehicle. If your car repeatedly doesn’t start, it’s time to get to the bottom of the issue rather than calling the tow truck again for a jump.


The final two winches we are going to look at are all about portability and ease of use. They do sacrifice a certain amount of pulling power (though this model is able to generate a very useful 2,000 Pounds of it) to instead be small and easy to maneuver – this model even comes with a built in carry handle.

It can be permanently or temporarily mounted to either a ball-mount hitch or to any flat surface using the included mounting plate. It easily draws power from a 12 volt DC power source and comes equipped with a nice long power cable for easy hook up to batteries.

The winch is remote controlled (with a wired control and about 10 foot of cable) and it also comes with a back up hand crank attachment. It is a pretty simple design, but it is one you should certainly look at if you want an easy to use utility winch.


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