BUNKERWALL Medium Size Curb Ramps

Which is the toughest curb ramp on the block?

Weighing 35 lb this heavy duty rubber curb ramp can handle weights of up to 60,000 lbs which makes it one of the toughest curb ramps on the block – or at least on our list! This ramp can handle all the usual vehicles such as motorcycles, cars and scooters as well as trucks, forklifts and other heavy duty equipment too.

What kind of curb ramps can I put in my driveway?

It’s super heavy duty too and can take a 22046 lb load capacity – this means that not only is it suitable for wheelchairs, motorcycles and cars, but also trucks and SUVs too. This curb bridge can be installed in high traffic areas and is ideal for home garage, driveways and loading docks.

Why do you need bunkerwall tire Saver ramps?

USAGE – Used to broaden the contact surface between tires and the ground to minimize the effects of flat spots resulting from storage of vehicle. BUNKERWALL is a veteran owned family business that is dedicated first and foremost to customer satisfaction. If our customers are happy then we are happy.

What kind of curb ramp does rubberform use?

RubberForm’s durable, reusable curb ramps were designed to fit most standard curbs and are easily placed, relocated and moved as needed – over and over again. These heavy duty rubber curb ramps will last from job to job, and are so cost effective, they pay for themselves in 1 use!


Fully adaptable, these medium sized curb ramps can be used individually or bolted together for a wider ramp. They have been specially designed to allow your low car or machinery to roll over curbs which are approximately 4” in height. These ramps are super durable and have been made from thick, heavy duty polymer plastic – they are built to last and are super hard-wearing. We like that they have a raised traction too which creates a non-slip surface, making driving or rolling your hand truck safe and sturdy.

The curb ramps have many different uses and can be used by a variety of vehicles including cars, carts, wagons, mowers and hand trucks. They are perfect for driveways, garages and even sheds. The ramps contain mounting holes so you can use them alone or bolted together to make an extra wide ramp – bolts are included in the set too.


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