Bikehand Bicycle Repair Workstand

Do you need a bikehand bike repair stand?

You need a bike repair stand to take care of swapping tires ,lubing a chain, adjusting the derailleurs, or building a new bike. The bike stand must be good looking, heavy duty, light, foldable, portable, adjustable and good value. Bikehand Bike repair stand is one of the best available choices.

Is there a warranty on a bike Workstand?

DURABLE: The bike workstand was released to the market for more than 10 years. It has been approved one of most reliable and durable bicycle repair stands available for home or shop uses. We can offer 5 years warranty on the rack and keep enough parts for any claim in our warehouse.

Where can I buy a bicycle work stand?

There are hundreds of stands to choose from, including those from leading brands such as Park Tool and Draper as well as unbranded bicycle work stands. There are a number of work stands to pick from. Most of them hold the bike with a vice-like clamp.

Which is the best tool stand for bike repair?

At 5.65kg, it’s relatively light and breaks down flatter than any other Park Tool stand. Unior is well known for its tools, and the Gator+ bike repair stand is fantastic if you’re using bikes with the same seat tube diameter. The clamp on the Gator+ is based on the design of a proper workshop stand with a big lever operating the jaws.


The penultimate bike work stand on our list is this Bicycle Repair Workstand by Bikehand. This freestanding model is made from alloy aluminum and has the familiar tripod design for stability. It features an adjustable height (from 41” to 63”), 360-degree rotation and an included foldable tool plate, and can securely hold bikes of up to 55lbs.

This bike stand receives praise for its sturdy structure, lightweight and foldable design, and the fact that it’s considerably more affordable than some similar models. There aren’t many criticisms – a couple of people report that the clamp sometimes rotates of its own accord when attached to the seat tube, and another was missing the tool tray on arrival.


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