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Can a loading ramp be made out of aluminum?

Aluminum loading ramp plates can easily convert a pair of 2" x 8′ boards into a quick and inexpensive loading ramp set. Allows you to load your ATV, UTV, lawn mower, or other wheeled …

Which is the best ramp for an ATV?

The Black Window heavy-duty aluminum tri-fold ramp (view on Amazon) is quite unusual in its style and functionality. It is capable of loading heavy vehicles of up to 1,500 lbs. However, the stand-alone weight of the aluminum ATV ramp is 60 lbs. So it’s not the lightest.

Which is the best loading ramp for a car?

Aluminum Trailer Car Ramp Car ATV Truck Ramps 2. LBS Aluminum Car Trucks Ramps Trailer Auto Hauler Hooks Ends Half Knife 3. Highland 69 Inch 1120500 Aluminum Straight Loading Ramp – Pair 4. Aluminum Ramps Truck Trailer Car Ramps 8000 pounds Capacity 5. Yutrax TX107 Folding Arch Ramps 6. Titan Wide 10 HD Aluminum Truck Load Ramp 7.

How much does a discount ramp ramp weigh?

Discount Ramps’ AFL-9012 aluminum ramp is designed to be more affordable. Each ramp weighs 14.5 pounds (29 pounds total). The ramps are also made from lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum and also fold in the middle to fit nicely in the back of your vehicle.


If you’re simply taking a trip across town with small machinery in the back of your trailer or travelling hundreds of miles to ride your favorite trail, then in both cases Best Aluminum Ramps’ product makes it safe and easy to do so. Sporting an unmatched loading height from 12″ to 36″, you can be sure that your heavy machinery can be loaded without a problem.

This ramp can hold any machinery as long as it doesn’t surpass the generous loading capacity of 5,000lbs. It even includes a hook end to attach to your trailer! Plus, the company accept returns within thirty days for a full refund (minus shipping cost). Lightweight and sturdy, this ramp makes for a good companion at an admirably low price.


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