BatteryMINDer 12117 Battery Desulfator

Is it safe to use batteryminder 1510 desulfator?

The BatteryMinder 1510, however, does not allow that to happen, despite using voltage pulses to desulfate the battery. By constantly altering the voltage, the temperature will not rise too high and the battery will be safe while going through the desulfation process.

How does the batteryminder desulfator battery charger work?

The BatteryMINDer desulfator battery charger uses high frequency electronic pulses (which is different from high voltage). Unlike other pulse type chargers, VDC’s BatteryMINDer use a range of high frequencies. This ensures both old and newly forming sulfate will be safely dissolved in the shortest possible time.

What’s the name of the batteryminder model 12117?

They have replaced the 12117 with the 12117TC which includes a temp sensor. (which I don’t care about) BUT what really ticked me off was it didn’t come with ring terminals. Which I really wanted!

Is there a 12 volt battery charger desulfator?

This BatteryMINDer 1.3 Amp 12 Volt Battery Charger is a 3-mode maintenance charger -desulfator that extends performance and life of all types and sizes of 12 Volt lead acid batteries.


This is yet another excellent model from BatteryMINDer that has the capacity to regenerate up to four 12V standards at the same time; it can easily charge and maintain starter batteries of similar types simultaneously without the task of stressfully charging them one by one. The BatteryMINDer Model 12117 Charger has the capacity to appropriately divide its Amperage proportionally among all four of the batteries being maintained; its smart design enables an all round and full time and consistent battery monitoring that automatically and timely tests the batteries to ascertain their status. This allows the batteryMINDer to appropriately provide the current that every individual battery needs to reach and maintain a full charge. It then optimally and safely sends jolts of current into the battery to soften and dissolve sulphates that have merged together and crystalized caused by previous insufficient charging or by a battery that has not been in operation in a long time. These pulsed currents eventually and surely restore the battery life cycle.

During the desulfurization process, it is very easy for the batteries to dry out and the liquid to evaporate if it is not optimally done; it is better not to risk this stage with your batteries so you can avoid replacing them if they burn out. Luckily, the BatteryMINDer is able to maintain the water level during this process to prevent the currents from boiling out the water in the batteries thus preventing evaporation. Ultimately, this battery charger with desulfation mode will properly charge and maintain your battery and with the excellent smart design, regardless of the time it stays connected to your batteries, it will not overcharge it.


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