B & W Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch for Ford Puck

Where is the B and W 5th wheel hitch?

It had a B&W Companion 5th wheel hitch included with the sale. This hitch is mounted in the Ford factory pucks. Hopefully that is enough background info. We ordered a Reflection 337 RLS and traveled to Indiana to pick it up.

Is there a companion hitch for Ford pucks?

Designed to fit the Ford OEM hitch platform, this Companion hitch is known for its effortless installation and removal, thanks to a cam-actuated latching mechanism and simple two-piece design. Other features, like 1" thick cast-locking jaws, provide a strong connection and a smooth ride.

How does the companion 5th wheel hitch work?

Specially designed to attach to the receivers in your factory 5th-wheel towing prep package, the Companion OEM features a dual jaw for excellent jaw-to-king-pin contact and a cam-action handle for simple release. Easily remove for full bed access. Works with factory-installed 5th-wheel towing prep package from Ford

Is there a 5th wheel for a Ford puck?

B&W HITCHES RVK3300 (KIT)COMPLETE OEM COMPANION 20K 5TH WHEEL FOR FORD W/FACTORY PUCK RAIL SYSTEM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Amazon Business Canada : Save time and reduce costs for your business with Quantity Discounts and FREE Shipping in Canada.


There is yet another fifth wheel hitch manufactured by B & W which has made it onto our list. It is the B & W RVK3300 for a Ford Puck. Now with this product, all users of Ford Pickups with the factory provided Ford prep package have their fifth wheel hitch. It features a beautiful two-piece design which makes both removal and installation extremely easy. It also has a companion OEM, designed by professionals to fit the new Ford OEM hitch platform. With its cam-actuated latching mechanism, the RVK3300 companion hitch wheel has gained popularity around the world for its easy hook-up and release.

This B & W hitch has been designed such that you’re offered the smoothest ride with an equally splendid performance while driving. It construction takes away any form of sloppiness, causing it to be one of the highly recommended products you’ll ever come across in today’s industry. This unit can be attached with ease to any under-the-bed-mounting system and can be installed or removed easily without compromising the sturdiness, reliability and towing power of the entire group.


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