Attwood Standard Battery Box

What kind of products does Attwood Marine make?

Our wide range of products, including general marine accessories, seat & table hardware, and water systems & ventilation are tested to the highest USCG, ABYC, and CE standards. At Attwood, quality is our highest priority. Attwood has been a proven marine industry leader for over 100 years.

What are the dimensions of a power Guard battery box?

Meets ABYC standard E-10 and coast guard specification 183.420 as an OEM installed battery hold-down system. What are the inside dimensions of this box?

What do you need to know about battery boxes?

Battery boxes are meant to protect your battery, but it’s important to get the right one for your needs. Here are the most important factors to consider: Size – Since your battery is going to go inside the box, you have to make sure it fits. Most battery boxes are sized based on group size of the batteries they hold.

Do you need a waterproof waterproof battery box?

No matter the size or type of your watercraft or small vehicle, our waterproof large and small battery boxes are made to prevent battery damage from heavy impact or water. Explore the best variety of battery boxes at Batteries Plus Bulbs online or in-store today.


In choosing the best, we had to revisit some brands like Attwood. This time we’re introducing you to their Attwood Standard Battery Box. It features an ultramodern design with new, innovative technologies which help set it apart from its competitors. The Attwood battery box is an American produced unit designed for power tools and power tools accessories. It is a one-piece battery case made with a larger capacity from its predecessors.

The Attwood rv battery box is made from polypropylene, a common material used for most battery cases. It is a standard-sized unit designed in vented and non-vented models which makes it suitable for marine use. There is no additional mounting hardware, but the Attwood case boasts of an OEM-installed battery hold-down system. Keep your batteries safe at all times with the Attwood case, an acid-resistant unit that exceeds all USCG requirements to be one of the most sheltered groups on the market.


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