Zombi Lithium Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Is the Zombi zcs5817 cordless chainsaw safe to use?

The Zombi ZCS5817 is a saw for light to medium duties in your backyard. It has a safe start system so you can prevent accidents because the lockout button will shut the chain off if you don’t keep your hand on it. It is a weighty model for a cordless chainsaw, but it is still really maneuverable.

What can you do with a Zomax saw?

Sale now on, on selected Zomax chainsaws. Zomax ZM4610 46cc Chainsaw. Fully serviceable chainsaw with spare parts widely available, for prolonged service life. Semi-professional or professional chainsaw: it is mainly used for park reserve or deforestation. Ideal saw for cutting blocks for stove or fire.

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The Zombi cordless chainsaw is one more option to consider if you are in need a 16-inch cordless tool that packs a punch. Both the battery and charger are included with this model alongside the trademark durable Oregon bar and chain combo. The 58 Volt battery provides enough power to the chainsaw so you can use it for hours to chop firewood and cross more work off your to-do list. The brushless motor is also a plus and so is the LED display that lets you know when to charge the battery. Lubrication is also taken care of and is available in the form of a 170 ml oil tank that helps reduce friction and keeps the chain working like clockwork.


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