Yoshimura RS-5 Street Series Slip-On Exhaust


The Yoshimura Slip-On Exhaust is a member of the company’s Street Series collection. This is but one of their products, which has been created via the careful selection of new innovative technologies. We recommend this exhaust system as it is effective and durable and comes with all the design features needed for every exhaust system to work efficiently.

As for aesthetics, the Yoshimura exhaust comes in a sleek and well-designed trapezoidal shape that has allowed the manufacturer to provide the user with three different muffler choices, namely carbon fiber, stainless steel, and titanium. The stainless steel muffler is designed from 304L Stainless steel and features a tapered mid-pipe system that is to be attached to your header pipe. And that’s not all. A round outlet has been included to offer more power through an increase in the potency of your muffler. Overall, this exhaust system is unique in many ways; thus, it stands out from all its competitors.


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