Yesker EN131 Certified Telescoping Ladder

What is the en131 part 6 telescopic ladder?

If you are looking to purchase a telescopic ladder we would always advise that you select a product that conforms to EN131 Part 6. EN131 Part 6 is a new regulation which enhances the safety of telescopic ladders. On this page, you will find a variety of easily retractable ladders that are simple to use, compact and most importantly safe.

What do you need to know about the en131 certification?

With a little help from our friends at Werner Ladders, we have all the information you need. What is EN131 and how does it affect the UK? EN131 is a European Union Certification for portable steps and ladders, manufactured from metal and certain other materials such as GRP.

What’s the difference between EN 131 and EN 131?

Although ladders approved to the revised EN 131 standard carry the same load rating, Professional ladders are subject to tougher durability requirements, because they are expected to be subjected to more onerous use. When will the new EN131 take effect? The revised EN131 Ladder standards are already published.

Can a foldable telescopic step be used as a ladder?

The Foldable Telescopic Step offers three useful products in one ladder: this ladder can be used as a telescopic Straight Section Ladder, a telescopic Free Standing A-Frame Ladder and as a Stairwell Ladder. Conforming with the European Ladder Certification Standard EN131 Professional this ladder supports a safe working load of 150kg.


Constructed of heavy-duty 48-cm aluminum alloy pipes, the Yesker telescoping ladder is a worthy alternative to pricey systems that feature an almost identical styling and design. The ladder itself can be easily adjusted in 1-foot increments, maxing out at 12.5 feet for those jobs or tasks that require completion at different heights. The ladder also features a locking mechanism that comes with heavy-duty springs.

And don’t let its low price tag fool you. This collapsible ladder can hold a grown man who may weigh up to 300 lbs. It also closes down to merely 34 inches allowing for ease of storage. It doesn’t weigh that much, too, tipping the scales only at 26 lbs so you can literally bring it anywhere.


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