Yaheetech Aluminum Tool Box

What do you want to make with yaheetech?

We want to make beautiful objects for everyday living, whether that’s a must-have piece of kitchen equipment, a clever bedroom storage solution, or a stunning piece of art that ties a living space together. Need a little home inspiration or looking to refurbish your living areas?

What to do with an aluminum tool box?

You can also consider an adjustable shelf on aluminum rails, because let’s face it—some of us like to reorganize every six months or so. Drawers are another option (think of the ones in a portable semi truck tool box and multiply by ten) as are separators, available in Trebor’s Underbody Toolbox.

What kind of material is Trebor tool box made of?

Aluminum truck boxes are designed to endure the wear and tear of a life on the road. Built with 1/8″ aluminum thick material, strong stalnless steel 5″ hinges, strong handles and reinforced lids, nothing compares to Trebor’s aluminum tool boxes.

Where are the yaheetech warehouses in the US?

Yaheetech has 3 warehouses based in CA, CHI and NY and is ready to delivery at any time. 1-3 days delivery guaranteed.


Lightweight but sturdy and durable, the Yaheetech tool box is one of the best budget-friendly toolboxes on the market. Highly versatile, the box can safely hold various items, nails, screws and guns included wherever you find it convenient. Sure, it is a truck bed storage box first and foremost, but thanks its convenient handles, it’s portable and can be kept inside a garage, carried to a job site or even kept inside a house.

Made of aluminum (1.3mm thick), with a chrome finish and solid construction, this tool box is not only spacious and good for storing tools and gear, it actually looks nice too. Its weather-resistant over-lapping lid design prevents any undesired leakage and ensures your items are safely stored even if you’re driving in the rain or snow. Thanks to the two durable side handles, the box is portable and can easily be moved around or carried with you. As for security, the built-in lock with two keys ensures safe and secure storage.


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