Winner International Car Theft Protection

Is there a program to prevent car theft?

Believe it or not, there’s a federally sponsored anti-theft program in the United States that’s available in most states called “Watch Your Car.”

What is the National Insurance Crime Bureau vehicle theft protection program?

Vehicle Theft Protection Program is an educational initiative in North America started by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and LoJack Corporation designed to help owners of cars, motorcycles, construction equipment and commercial vehicles better understand how to protect their assets from theft.

Is there an online registration for winner international?

Winner International™ does not have online registration available. It will be necessary to submit the original Club registration form enclosed in your original packaging (copies not accepted). This is one of the requirements of the insurance deductible guarantee.

How does theft protection work on a car?

Theft Protection offers you a proven theft deterrent and recovery system along with a financial benefit if the Theft Protection system installed on your vehicle fails to prevent your vehicle from being stolen and the vehicle is declared a total loss.


A number one bestseller on Amazon, this twin-hook steering wheel lock provides added security, when compared to traditional steering wheel locks. The added benefit of the two hooks means you can attach both sides to the wheel, making it harder to break and bend out of place. This is further backed by a steel construction which resists sawing, prying and freon attacks.

Acting as a highly visible deterrent, this item comes with a patented self-locking feature that makes it so easy to use. Just be aware that you’ll likely need the right steering wheel to match the lock, as any different styles from the traditional design may not work well with this option.


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