WEN 3920 Variable Speed Scroll Saw

What’s the variable speed on the Wen 3921?

WEN 3921 comes with a variable speed option. IT comes with a speed range of 550- 1650 SPM. Variable speed means you can change the speed of the Scroll Saw as per your requirements. You can simply adjust the speed of the scroll as per the type of material and type of project.

What makes the Wen 3921 scroll saw different?

As mentioned above, 3921 is different from the 3920 model just because of the availability of the tool-less blade holder. This feature makes this Scroll Saw more convenient compared to the 3920 model. It is also very stable than the previous model. Traditional Scroll Saws feature clamps and they require special tools to change the blades.

What’s the speed of a Wen scroll saw?

Let the good times scroll with the WEN 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw. The 9/16-inch stroke saws through hard woods up to two inches thick. Adjust the speed anywhere from 550 to 1600 strokes per minute with the simple turn of a knob.

What are the parts for a Wen 6534?

Upper/Lower Blade Holder Part Number: 3920B-031 Compatible with the following Model: WEN 3920 Two-Direction 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll … Planer Blade (Set of Two) for WEN 6534 Part Number: 6534B Compatible with the following Model: WEN 6534 8-Amp 4-3…


The next tool on our list is this WEN scroll saw. The saw’s unique design can accept blades in two directions – standard and at 90 degrees – so it has excellent versatility. Also, its variable speed motor can be easily adjusted to fit the material you’re working with and the cut you’re using.

The saw’s spacious table can be adjusted up to 45-degrees left, allowing you to perform angled cuts with ease, and its durable cast-iron base means you never need to worry about slippages. The saw has other useful features too: a flexible LED light makes it easy to see your work, and an air pump and dust port combine to keep debris at bay. The hold-down clamp also helps prevent your material from sliding, reducing frustration and vastly improving accuracy. Every WEN saw includes three blades to get you started, a hex wrench, and a two-year warranty.


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