WadeStar Blind Spot Mirrors

Where to buy the best Blind Spot mirrors?

Make your life safer and easier by purchasing one or more of the best blind spot mirrors for cars and trucks from AutoZone, where our extensive inventory of high-quality, brand name mirrors are sure to improve your driving from day one.

How can I use blind spot mirror in my car?

Make sure your side view mirror itself is positioned correctly (you shouldn’t be able to see the side of your car), and then adjust the blind spot mirror so that you can see what the other mirror misses. Car Blind Spot Mirrors is a highly underrated Car Accessory. Despite being so beneficial, it is still not much in use by most of the car owners.

What’s the best way to view blind spots?

Long, narrow mirror design extends the rear view to cover several lanes of traffic. Can rotate the mirror 360 degrees for a more vertical view of the car’s blind spots. Fragile mirrors can crack or break when repositioning or removing them. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

How big is an essential contraptions blind spot mirror?

Essential Contraptions’ blind spot mirrors come in a four pack and feature a rust-resistant aluminum frame instead of plastic, and real glass that does not haze over time. They measure two inches in diameter and come with a circular piece of adhesive for easy installation.


This is a small square mirror that has been custom designed to fit fourth-generation Ram trucks built between 2009 and 2018 that do not have towing mirrors. They are designed to help you view the blind spot and increase safety and convenience.

They fit easily to the upper or lower outside edge of the mirror using the adhesive tape that is supplied. Two are supplied in a pack.


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