Vyaime Aromatherapy Car Diffuser

Is it safe to use an aromatherapy car diffuser?

Aromatherapy Car Diffusers Essential Oil Car Diffuser – Non-toxic, Safe and Easy to Use Eliminate odours and create a fresh environment within your car with AWO’s Essential Oil Car Diffusers. Unlike other harmful car air fresheners, our Essential Oil Car Diffusers are non-toxic, safe and easy to use.

What kind of oil to use in aromatherapy diffuser?

While we are recommending essential oil recipes for your diffuser, a single aromatherapy oil can work just as well. My favorite essential oils to diffuse by themselves are grapefruit, lavender, or peppermint. Read our post on the best single essential oils to diffuse for healthy living.

How long does pure daily care aromatherapy diffuser last?

As for usability, it’s pretty easy to get the refreshing aroma of the Pure Daily Care Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser. Simply add about 5 to 7 drops of any oil of your choice into the tank. Each of the oil comes in a 10ml bottle, so it will last you for a considerable length of time.

Can a car diffuser be used as a humidifier?

Just plug it into the cigarette lighter input of your car and enjoy aromatherapyAutomatic car diffuser and humidifier – Air Purifier, Freshener, add your favourite therapeutic, relaxing essential oil. Aromatherapy Car diffusers are also humidifiers, therefore, enjoy the therapeutic experience of aromatherapy whilst driving.


Like any good-quality aromatherapy car diffuser, this product has multiple features that are specially designed to improve the air quality of your car and release natural scents into the space. Not only does this product freshen and clean the air of your car but it also adds more humidity into the environment, which can help increase energy levels while you drive. These clever little diffusers work by producing very small water droplets and oxygen ions into the air, so all you need to do is add your chosen essential oil and you will get a subtle scent too. This essential oil diffuser has dual USB charging ports and is compact in style, perfect for fitting into your car. This is a quiet diffuser too, so you won’t get any distracting sounds that affect your driving.


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