VonHaus Random Orbit Sander

How many polishing pads do you need for vonhaus random orbit Sander?

The random orbital motion leaves a smooth finish without the sanding marks that other types of sanders can leave behind, making it suitable for use on a range of surfaces including wood, metal and plastic. Comes with 3 x polishing pads and 9 x sanding pads (3 x 3 different grades) to cater to a range of requirements.

Where can I buy a random orbital sander?

You can buy a random orbital sander as either an electrical corded product or as a cordless option. In a Hurry? Just below you will see our top 5 list of random orbit sanders.

Is the vanhaus 430W orbital sander easy to use?

I think the Vonhaus 430W Sander is something to have to do most of my sanding. The Vanhaus orbital sander is very easy to use and handle. I bought the previous model which was the 350W version and it worked really well on multiple surfaces.

How does a vonhaus 125mm Sander work?

Extra-large sanding 125mm sanding surface for quick sanding even on larger areas. 8 hole hook and loop backed base pad offers quick and easy sheet change. Ergonomically designed soft grip handle for comfortable one handed use. Fully adjustable front handle further enhances comfort.


The VonHaus Random Orbit Sander is ideal for a range of large and small sanding jobs. It features six variable speeds up to a 13000 RPM that allow you to choose the right speed for each sanding job. The corded electric sander is ergonomically designed for user comfort with a rubberized palm grip and is compact enough to fit into tight spaces and corners. It also features a dust extraction system, including a collection box, which allows you to keep your workspace free from dust and debris.


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