Vision Original MG Reissue Skateboard Deck

What kind of skateboards do Vision Skateboards have?

We feature the largest selection of Vision Skateboards — legendary decks like the Psycho Stick, Gator, MG, Jinx, Aggressor, Punkskull… We offer the original shapes as well updated versions of these classics.

Who are the founders of Vision Skateboards?

The brand’s presence as a skating powerhouse was further solidified by the signing of Mark “Gator” Rogowski and Mark Gonzales. During this time Vision also began making a large variety of street wear. Hence, the sub-brand was formed. Some of their more famous products during this area include:

Are there any vision Psycho stick decks left?

Vision Psycho Stick Reissue Skateboard Deck. Rare Purple Dip. Only 1 left! Only 1 left! Only 1 left! New! Original Vision Mark Gonzales 2019 skateboard deck!

What do you put on a vision board?

Traditionally, vision boards are created by assembling pieces of inspirational material into a collage. You can cut things out of magazines, write down inspirational quotes, or add memorabilia from your life. Collecting these images can help you manifest your goals and turn your dreams into reality by using the Law of Attraction.


The Vision Original MG Reissue Skateboard Deck is a deck that takes up from the Vision Skateboard movement that started in the United States in the 80s. Since then, the manufacturers of the original vision boards have produced this reissue skateboard deck at a price that is affordable without skimming on quality. This skate deck is made with a 7 ply bamboo and Maplewood which both work together to produce a board deck that is both flexible and bendable, yet strong and durable.

This board measures at 10 by 30 inches, and it is suitable for skaters of all skill levels. It features a low concave structure that provides the rider with control as well as delivering wide foot placement. This deck comes in 6 different graphically alluring colors, so you get to choose the one that perfectly fits your taste. This board is very easy to maneuver and is great for pool, street skating and skating ramps.


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