UWS ATV Tool Box

What makes UWS tool box the Ultimate outdoor adventure?

UWS truck tool boxes are set apart with patented RigidCore™ technology, a MicroSeal™ gasket and extra-thick aluminum construction. SEE OUR BOXES PUT TO THE TEST! What makes the ultimate outdoor adventure?

What kind of Tool Box do I need for my UTV?

Whether you drive your four wheeler or side by side for work or play, UWS has a dependable and convenient storage solution to fit your needs. Our UTV tool boxees and ATV tool boxes are assembled right here in the USA with a patented RigidCore™ lid design and extra-thick aluminum construction.

What kind of tank is in UWS tool box?

UWS transfer tanks feature a DOT-compliance for transporting class 3 combustible fuels. We offer rectangular tanks for a variety of trucks, including 100-gallon short-bed models. It’s the ultimate strength test: UWS tool boxes vs. the full, dead weight of a pickup truck.

How big is a UWS gull wing tool box?

UWS® Standard Dual Lid Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box (EC10061) Standard Dual Lid Gull Wing Crossover Tool Box by UWS®. Dimensions: L: 69.875"; L1: 59"; W: 20"; W1: 17"; H: 14.75"; H1: 9". Volume: 8.5 cu. ft. Finish: Bright. Material: Aluminum. Tough fully foamed lid and sturdy leg brackets make…


Four-wheeler adventures are incredibly thrilling but can also easily become dangerous if you don’t have any tools or equipment with you in the middle of nowhere. A convenient low profile truck tool box specifically made for ATVs such as this one from UWS can easily and safely transport and keep cargo on hand in the field. Sturdy but lightweight, this toolbox will keep all of your essential items safe and secure no matter where you’re going.

Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum with patented RigidCore foam-filled lid and stainless steel lock handles, this is the ultimate ATV toolbox. Fully lockable, the box will keep all of your tools and gear safe and sound, offering even good rain protection thanks to its MicroSeal gasket. Although a bit thin, the box is super-sturdy and durable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


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