Tioga Spyder Outland Hollow Saddle

How much does a Tioga Spyder stratum saddle weigh?

Taken in combination, the effect is akin to sitting on a hammock – albeit an exceedingly light hammock that happens to weigh just 124g with carbon rails or 186g with chromoly ones (actual weights). Three months of testing on both the road and trail have demonstrated the Spyder Stratum to be nearly as comfortable as one, too.

What kind of saddles do Tioga bikes use?

Tioga’s Spyder saddles fit in that category. They take the average outsider’s horror at the sight of our bikes’ hard and narrow ass-hatchets and dial it up to 11 by making them out of thin skeletal plastic. Surprisingly, Spyder saddles aren’t bad.

What are the features of the Tioga undercover stratum?

Tech features: The Undercover Stratum builds off the Spyder Stratum, a saddle currently available in Tioga’s lineup. This new saddle uses a similar Carbonite SpyderWeb base but combines it with Tioga’s Bio X-pad, which is constructed from a mid-density foam.

Is the stratum undercover a Spyder saddle?

The Stratum Undercover uses the same concept and normalizes it with Tioga’s slightly eye-roll-inducing “Bio X-Pad.” Despite its ‘Xtreme’ name, the Bio X-Pad is pretty sensible. The idea is to focus padding where a Spyder saddle might need it most.


Next up we have a pretty interesting design from Tioga, the Spyder Outland Hollow saddle. We’ve spent a little time trying to talk about the padding on most of the bike seats that we’ve looked at today – but that is going to be hard to do with this next product.

As you can no doubt tell from the image, this saddle is devoid of any padding. However, that is certainly not to say that this saddle is uncomfortable. Far from it in fact, the ergonomic shape is designed to be firm but at the same time deliver comfort where you need it.


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