Tim Gilles – Automotive Service


For a successful journey into the world of automotive service, this next book is certain to be the right guide. Tim Gilles’s Automotive Service: Inspection, Maintenance, Repair has all necessary chapters for detailed expansion on electric cars and other vehicles as well. It also adequately provides the essential information required when learning about service and repair – one of such is the most recent Automotive Service Excellence Education Foundation Program Standards that aids the reader to fully understand what is required for certification and much more. Also included are the major courses centered on automotive technology and their counterparts, which are all essential for a successful journey into the world of automotive service.

The author, Tom Gilles, is passionate about what he does, and with over 38 years of automotive technology experience, he has gained solid grounds in the industry. His publication covers his attained knowledge with extremely illustrative procedures, instructions, and photos, and with sections on troubleshooting and repairs, all very essential for the growth of a person’s career in automotive technology.


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