The Club UTL810 Utility Lock

What kind of device do you need for club locker?

Any basic internet enable device can access Club Locker to view scores or live score current matches. US Squash recommends Apple iPod Touch or iPads for their ease of use, compatibility with Apple TV, and relatively low price. Look for refurbished models if cost is of a concern.

How does club locker work for squash players?

Starting with the mobile friendly reservation feature, pros and admins empower their members to make reservations, find a match, sign up for activities, and even book lessons. Players are also able to enter friendly, league, and tournament match results quickly and easily, connecting players national rating and ranking.

How does club locker work for live scoring?

Driven by Club Locker’s software platform the Live Scoring web app allows real time score entry via a wifi enabled app that runs on most modern handheld tablet web browsers. Scores are instantly stored in the cloud based Club Locker environment. Spectators and participants can see the status of of leagues and tournaments in real time.

Are there any free tools for account lockout?

Here is a list of free tools that can help you quicker investigate the root cause of an account lockout and prevent decreases in productivity: Tool #1. Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner This is a free tool that helps IT staff identify lockout root causes in a single keystroke.


The Club lock is made from tempered cro moly steel for maximum strength but is coated with vinyl to prevent it causing damage to your motorcycle. The length of the lock can be adjusted from 8.5 inches up to 11.5 inches but a longer version is also available. The inside width is 6.25 inches.

The lock is fully weather-resistant and will withstand 1,500 pounds of pressure so you know your bike will be safe from even the most determined thief.


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