Svater Globe Led String RV Awning Lights

How big is the Boogey led awning light kit?

The Boogey Lights® Multi-Color LED awning light kit is designed to attach to the side of an RV, trailer or camper just beneath the awning. Each LED strip is 16 feet long containing 300 LEDs and can be cut if needed to fit your application.

What kind of lights can you put on an RV awning?

Miniature rope light with durable LEDs fits into the utility slot on your RV’s awning to provide bright, white light for your RV’s porch. Globe Patio Lights by Polymer®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come.

Can a strip light be used as an awning light?

Start on the wire lead end and trim the PC channel on the opposite end if needed. Finally, connect the Strip light wire lead to any 12V switched source and enjoy your new Perfect Glow LED Awning light! We’ll only use this to notify you when your question gets answered.

What kind of string lights do you need for a camper?

Oogalights offers a wide variety of unique string lights that are perfect for decorating your cabin, camper, trailer or lake house. Adventure is out there, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate while in the wild! We have LED strands, regular miniature strands, and even solar strands with themes that are great for an adventure seeker.


If you’re a family of resolute RVers who doesn’t let bad weather bring you down, hanging Svater’s Globe LED String Lights from your deck is a respectable act of resistance against rain, sleet, or snow. These bulbs are completely waterproof. This weather-proof state is maintained by the end-to-end waterproof connector and the ETL-certified spare fuse in the event that technology – as it often does – goes haywire.

Compared to incandescent bulbs, the long-lasting LED lights design can save up to 90-percent of energy, reducing the amount of temperamental flickering. Yet, just because they’re energy-efficient doesn’t mean that they’re dull; the romantic ambiance that these two sets of 2700K warm white lights give out is unparalleled.


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