Surco Ladder Mounted Bike Rack

When did Surco start making roof racks and ladders?

The Surco product line includes bed accessories, trailer hitches, RV hardware, roof racks, garage accessories, etc. Since 1971, the company has been manufacturing their products completely in the U.S.

How does a bike rack mount on a ladder?

The bike rack mounts easily on the ladder of any van or RV with a 1 inch tube. One of a kind pivoting arms allows easy access to use of the ladder. Securely carries 2 bikes on the padded cradles. Manufactured from heavy gauge aluminum with a satin finish.

What is the best RV ladder bike rack for your RV?

RV ladder bike rack styles will hook onto the steps of the ladder, or mount to the support bars of the ladder. Some RV ladder bike racks install onto the ladder without any necessary tools. Other styles require minimal installation. Bike racks for RV ladders are made of lightweight aluminum, and are usually rustproof.

Which is Surco roof rack is the best?

Designed with functionality in mind, this van ladder gives easy reach to the top of your van and facilitates… Raingutter Adapter by Surco®. Made from superior grade tubing, this tough-as-nails roof rack is exceptionally strong to carry all the gear you need for your trip. Designed to maximize the load capacity, this rock solid rack creates…


Surco is an American company known for the design of high-quality products for different uses. The company is made up of professional engineers and designers who understand the relevance of travel, and the many benefits it presents. They have come up with a fascinating and exciting design to deliver convenience to you while on your holiday with family and friends. Meet the Surco Ladder Bike Rack. This mounted ladder unit is the best two-bike Rv accessory, and the most economical choice you will ever make. It features heavy-duty aluminum construction, and it is rust and corrosion free thanks to the powder coating. 

For secure handling, the Surco rv ladder bike rack is designed to be extremely lightweight. Also, this bike rack unit comes with pivoting arms, which allow users to use and gain access to the ladder for installation. You can mount your rack easily without the help of straps and also without removing the ladder. It doesn’t matter if you’re mechanically challenged, you can easily use this bike rack from Surco for your next adventure without asking for external help. This bike rack will make for the perfect gift for any adventurous soul with an RV, and those who love to explore with their bikes while camping.


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