Superwinch Terra 35

How much horsepower does a Superwinch Terra 45 have?

A serious workhorse right out of the box, it possesses a superior all-steel 3-stage planetary gear train with machined-in, oil pocket bronze bearings, a 4,500-LB pull rating, a 1.6 horsepower low-amp draw engine, 55-feet of durable 1/4" steel wire rope, a 4-way roller fairlead, multiple operation switching options and more.

Can a Superwinch Terra be mounted on a UTV?

Yes! It is most likely the Superwinch Terra will fit your vehicle with the correct Winch Mounting Kit that is specially designed just for your make and model year ATV/UTV. Simply add this winch to your cart then search for your make/model and winch mount and you’ll find options.

Can a terra winch be used with synthetic rope?

Terra drums are engineered for the abuse of synthetic rope. Cast aluminum drums can not meet rated line pull with synthetic rope and break. Terra winches come standard with steel reinforced drums on both steel and synthetic rope versions.

How big does a Superwinch winch need to be?

With their sleek, compact construction, Superwinch products are designed for fast, easy installation – whether portable or permanent. Available in capacities ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 pounds, Superwinch has the right winch for your application.


A mid-weight member of the Superwinch Terra range, this compact ATV winch has sufficient pulling power to get you out of most sticky situations.

Durable and portable, the Terra has been designed for tough terrain with the specs and build to get you out of trouble. At 1.6 horsepower, the engine is big enough and provides 3,500-pound pull capacity, plus its low amp motor is kind to your vehicle’s battery. You’ll need a separate winch mount kit, but the Terra 35 has been designed to be compatible with most four bolt kits out there.


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