StillCool Bicycle Travel Carrier

What are some of the best cargo bikes for hauling kids?

The Bike Friday Haul-a-Day is a lightweight and nimble family bike option. The 24-speed drivetrain provides plenty of allowance for big climbs, and the low standover height is awesome when juggling a bike and kiddos. It also means that riders as short as 4 foot 6 inches will fit on this bike.

Can a child carrier be used on a bike?

A bike child carrier is a great option for bringing one child along for the ride. The molded plastic shell keeps baby upright, while the comfortable harness prevents slipping. The carrier is padded for enhanced comfort during a long trek through the neighborhood.

What kind of paint to use on cycle carriers?

Smoke Gray Powder coated or oil based enamel paint over primer is used on all products. Powder coated receiver assemblies, loading ramps, stabilizer bars and main carrying tray are standard after 2011. A minimum of (2) red DOT reflective tape markers are added to the cycle carriers. Our biggest customer is the U.S. Military!

Where can I buy a modular cycle carrier?

Complete carriers, accessories, spare parts and hardware can be readily quoted and shipped by calling: Steve Slavick: 301-573-2815. Standard products can be ordered on the website under “STORE” or call me to place a credit card order and I will verify the most economical item is offered and good advise is given on any trade-offs!


Navigating the never-ending maze of public transit has never been easier. With this all-weather folding bike bag, users are assured that their bikes are safe and sound. As long as the bike ranges between sizes 14 to 20 inches, the StillCool Folding Bike Bag is a suitable fit. This sturdy bike travel bag is made of hard-wearing waterproof nylon, making it the ultimate all-weather option for bikers.

Though it has no logo attached, its overall design is incredibly functional. It is extremely flexible and can easily accommodate your bike without putting too much stress on itself. Additionally, this bike bag is lightweight with a favorable texture. For further convenience and effectiveness, this bag is acid resistant and tear resistant, making it one of the sturdiest options on the market.


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