Steady Rack Classic Indoor Bike Rack

How does the steadyrack classic bike rack work?

If you’re tired of parking your bike in the living room, the Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack is a great alternative.Features: Can be mounted to virtually any wall Can swivel almost 180 degrees from side to side Minimizes space without compromising safety Keeps the bicycle secure without damaging the rims. 1. Ultrawall Wall Mount 6 Bike Storage Hanger

Which is the best indoor bike storage rack?

The 10 Best Indoor Bike Racks. 1 1. Bikehand Floor Parking Rack. Check Price. 2 2. CyclingDeal 5 Bicycle Floor Parking Rack. 3 3. RELIANCER Sports Foldable Stand. 4 4. Steadyrack Classic. 5 5. Allen Sports Wall Mounted 2-Bike Storage Rack. More items

Can you use a lock on a steadyrack?

Likewise, there’s no chance of scratching or damaging a rim or spoke with the Steadyrack’s design. And yes, you can use a lock to secure a bike to this rack. As already mentioned, Steadyrack recently released a wider version intended for modern and ever-growing mountain bike wheels.

Can a bike rack be mounted on a wall?

Safely and securely store your bike without the heavy lifting with our Steadyrack Classic Rack. Designed to pivot almost 160 degrees and fold flat for maximum storage space efficiency, our Classic Racks can be mounted on virtually any wall. Whether you’re handy with the drill or it’s your first-time on the job, our guides make installation easy.


The Steady Rack Classic Bike Rack is another phenomenal easy to use bike wall mount; whether you are a kid, teenager or adult this bike hanger will be of great service. You can boldly park your bike on this strong and sturdy steel frame with its distinctive tire tray that securely holds the front wheel intact. The dynamic tire tray also keeps the tires from scratching on the frame so you will never have to worry about unpretty bike marks.

The Steady Rack can readily be installed and set up on any wall type because of its unique design that helps to free up space. While your bicycle is certainly your cycling companion, it’s only proper for it to stand firmly and independently on its own and this bike rack simultaneously offers the luxury of easily parking and unloading your bike via the included 160 swivel feature. This offers multiple angle removal and loading options especially in tight spaces or locations that have other bicycles or vehicles parked.


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