Stanley Tools FatMax Tape Measure

Which is the best Stanley Fatmax measuring tape?

The new Stanley FatMax tape measures are definitely not as good as they used to be. The blade is a lot thinner and flimsier and doesn’t even get close to the 14 foot stand out that the packaging implies. Great Tape for the Price! Stanly Fatmax is the tape I use all the time.

Which is the first Stanley steel tape measure?

FATMAX® Tape Measures (19) STANLEY® introduced the first steel tape rule, and we’ve never stopped improving. Our FATMAX® tape measures feature durable cases, Tru-Zero® end hooks, and extreme standout capability. In your hand or on your belt STANLEY® FATMAX® tape measures are the exception and the rule.

Are there stud markers on Stanley tape measure?

Protective full tape blade coating and added BladeArmor at the hook extends tape life against abrasion and heavy use**. Large, easy to read numbers and standard stud markers assure accuracy with the STANLEY tape measure.

What kind of tools does the Stanley Company make?

Over the years, The Stanley Works has produced some of the most innovative and useful tools ever made. Among these tools are the Bailey Plane, the Surform shaper, the PowerLock tape rule and most recently the FatMax line of products. Today, more than ever, Stanley continues to be an industry leader in tool innovation.


Stanley is back to make their second entry on the list. This model is the famous Stanley Fatmax tape measure. How does it stack up against its older brother the PowerLock though?

One (potential) improvement is the fact it is that much bigger than the Powerlock. That means that you could end up with a product that is easier to use in certain circumstances. For example, a lot of the extra size is due to the fact the tape blade itself is nice and thick. That makes it easy to read, but also allows it to extend further unsupported without collapsing.

The case is not chrome coated, but instead is made of ABS plastic with a rubberized exterior. So it certainly doesn’t look as good as the Powerlock, but it is rugged and easy to hold. The measuring blade itself is constructed of Mylar Polyester film. Again, this is nice and tough for an elongated lifespan.

We were also very impressed to see that the first 3 feet of the tape blade has been treated with a BladeArmor coating. This is an industrial grade thermoplastic coating, of the same type employed on Black Hawk helicopter blades. That is really going to help to extend the useful lifespan of the product, especially as it is the first sections of the tape measure blade that get the most use and abuse.


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